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If you haven’t heard of the Maven District you best get your running shoes on and take yourself for a stroll. What is it exactly? A quaint yet savvy collection of businesses located on 900 S, just east of State Street. I myself call it home (high five to the Jen Den) and couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Maven gang.

And so without further adieu, lemme introduce you to the first of many Maven features - The Land of Salt:

YOUR NAME/TITLE: Erica Hoggan, Owner


TELL US ALL ABOUT IT! (why you started, how you started, challenges/triumphs along the way, etc.):

I started The Land of Salt with a friend/roommate back in 2013. We both were working 9-5 jobs and needed a creative outlet. We experimented with various artistic endeavors, finally settling on jewelry which spoke to me like nothing else. From the moment I started making jewelry, it sparked a passion that has led to where I am now. I am passionate about creating quality minimalist pieces that can be worn on the daily and are comfortable enough to forget you have them on.

The most challenging aspect to being fully self employed and running a small business is what goes on in my head. The job doesn't turn off when I leave to go home at night, there is a never ending stream of people to compare yourself against on social media, and I feel as though I am constantly battling self doubt. I have really had to learn (and am still learning) how to practice mindfulness and focus on the things that I am doing well or that I am passionate about, rather than things I don't have control over and playing the comparison game. 


I am located in the fabulous Maven District at 177 E 900 S, Ste A - in between Koo De Ker and Jed's Barbershop.


Local businesses, especially food and retail, are what help build and define communities. As we transition more and more into a digital age, having opportunities to interact with your community and create human connection are imperative. 


Salt Lake City has it all! Great food, local shops, breweries, close proximity to nature, and a fearless maker community. 


I love the Outlander series (books and TV), and Game of Thrones (TV, not ambitious enough for the books).


I love going camping and perfecting our gear set up, eating out, crime podcasts, and drinking all the coffee! 

A few items you can find at the Land of Salt:

Get on over to 900 S and visit in person or shop their gorgeous dainty jewels online here!


801 MERCH | A side project


801 MERCH | A side project

To put it simply, my heart buh-leeeeeds for Salt Lake City.  Utah is my unabashedly gorgeous home state where I entered this world and spent my school-age years, and after a year stint in the big apple 8 years ago, consciously chose as my foreseeable forever home.

Since making that choice my love for this great state has only grown, and it has become very apparent that I am not alone in this cherishing of salty land.  Though wary of logos by principal, repping the 801 with a cap marked as such has become my trademark, proving to be an excellent conversation starter when on the road.

I've always had the itch to create things that I would personally use in the world, and my latest endeavor encapsulates just that - a line of products sporting my custom designs created in the name of supporting our Salty City (and surrounding areas).

What's better than a cap for you and your partner?  A cap for you and your babe to 'hashtag - twins'.  Click the button at the bottom of the post to shop caps and totes for your fellow Utah loving folk, and support a local, female run business along the way! Xo

AB to JAY-Z book by The Little Homie

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Join the snapback gang and use the code 801SB to receive 15% off

your merch order through March!





One day, a few months ago, in an effort to stymie an onsetting existential crisis, I decided to take a walk.  It was one of those rare, mid-winter nice days, and since I'd been meaning (by meaning, I mean procrastinating) to start working on another Shop Local post, I decided that it was as good a time as ever to stroll around the corner and pop into Fellow Shop.

The little stretch of Broadway from 300 East to State Street is probably the quaintest in all of Salt Lake, stocked with locally owned shops and eclectic goods, and as I shuffled into Fellow Shop on that fateful sunny day, I immediately fell in love with the shops clean and crisp aesthetic of white washed walls, greenery, and overall spacious feel.


271 E Broadway, Salt Lake City, Ut

Fellow Shop is owned by Hannah Montgomery, a striking, quiet, force of a woman who, at 26, is already living out her childhood dream.  "When I was a kid I always played shop, I'd set my room up as a store and make my mom come and shop so I could ring her up, so it's kind of always been something I've wanted to do!"

After paying her dues and working the obligatory retail management jobs, an opportunity presented itself to open her own small shop across the hall from her friend Heather (owner of Uintah Standard) in the Victorian building on the corner of 700 East and 600 South.

Needless to say, she seized the opportunity with vigor saying, "From the day that Heather and I talked about it to the day that Fellow Shop opened was two months.  I just hustled, said 'bye!' to my current job, contacted a few people who's stuff I'd been wanting to carry in my dream shop and made it happen."

And so, Fellow Shop got it's start in a little 12x12 room.  After 6 months both Heather and Hannah started to get antsy, feeling the need to move on from their starter location due to lack of walk-in traffic.  As a teenager, Hannah dreamt of her ideal shop being on Broadway so naturally, that was the first place she looked.  When she found out that Heather was also looking to plant roots on Broadway and a space simultaneously presented itself, the two took it as a serendipitous sign and decided to co-op.

The two H's kept shop together for a year with the mutual understanding that they would eventually part ways should a neighboring space open up.  When it did (a lot sooner than expected) they found themselves at the familiar crossroad of 'We're not ready!' and 'But how long until another space opens up?!'.  On par with the f*ck it attitude often needed as an entrepreneur, they both took a leap of faith (damn leaps of faith) and Hannah became solo owner of her dream shop, on her dream street.


Hannah opened her doors in November after an 'apocalyptic' week of 24 hour work days full of painting, renovating, and setting up shop, and hasn't looked back since.  When her friend came by to visit in the final hours before officially opening for business, she was grateful for the reminder that she was actually 'doing it':  

"I think we just get so caught up in the midst of things like 'whatever I've just gotta get this sh*t open' and my friend was just like 'stop for a second and take a look around - you built this! Two years ago you were admiring shops in San Francisco that looked like this and now you made your own' and I thought 'you're so right!!' It's just interesting how it's so obvious but we don't take time to appreciate it."

Being your own boss is a shiny, double edged sword (to which I can fully relate) and though Hannah laughs that she has since developed minor anxiety and insomnia, she knows she can never go back to working for someone else.

On being her own boss, Hannah stated "Self-motivation is definitely something I struggle with, but there's nothing quite like being the one calling the shots and having complete creative freedom."


What items can be found at Fellow Shop?  An incredible selection of 'zines' (which I've never seen before in Salt Lake), women's clothing, and handmade goods sourced from artists both local and abroad, ranging from decorative to practical.  

Hannah's zine affair began largely by visiting little shops in the Mission in San Francisco where she fell in love with them noting, "Books are obviously made by a publisher and that's really cool and stuff but what I love about zines is just the handmade quality of them - like somebody actually sits there and staples them and puts them together by hand.  It's almost like the print equivalent of a punk band in your mom's garage, and I just love it, people taking things into their own hands like that."

Having lost myself in zine world for over an hour on my first visit to the shop I can personally attest to the fact that her zine collection ain't no joke and that their range from philosophical to practical, cheeky and comforting are unendingly interesting.  If one should visit Fellow Shop for no other reason than to peruse the zine collection, one would not be disappointed.


For the future, Hannah plans to stay put and hopes to solidify the community of the three block stack of shops east and west of her by making it a little 'eco-system', saying, "I'd love to integrate more of a community aspect to the shop and host more workshops and events that bring people together - I'd like to make it more of a multi-functional space."

The first collaborative workshop that the block has put together, called Hold Space, takes place on the last Wednesday of every month and is an opportunity to 'take a break from your work week, be with other humans, and create'.  

Tickets for the workshop on March 29th and more info can be found here.


Hannah Montgomery, 26, owner of Fellow Shop

As someone who's deeply passionate about the city I live in, it's always heartening to find other business owners that feel the same way.  Go stop in and say hello to Hannah and hopefully we'll see you at the next Hold Space workshop!







When it comes to milestones, I am an extremely late bloomer.  Think first kiss at 15, first boyfriend at 19, and first time taking an interest in my place in the world, well, within the last couple of years.  And up until then it had never occurred to me that I held in my own two hands a small yet mighty tool for change.

I came across an article near the end of last year titled 'Vote With Your Dollar'.  This isn't a new or earth-shattering notion by any means, but for me it was the light switch to my lightbulb - my 'duh!' moment after which my lifestyle would radically change. 

I became obsessed with educating myself on the economy, my community, and the importance of shopping local.  'Be the change you want to see in the world' is for me about as overwhelming a notion as they come, but knowing that I could essentially vote with my dollar meant I HAD a say and I COULD make a difference in my own small way.

And so, the birth of 'Shop Local'; my newest blog series featuring local shops from around the Salt Lake Valley and Park City.  Whether you already 'vote' for them or are being freshly introduced, my hope is that by getting to know the who and why behind the face of some of SLC's greatest shops, you'll think twice before 'voting' for a corporation because when you shop local you vote on the future of your community.  Xo


545 Main Street, Park City, Utah


Nestled in the center of picturesque Main Street in Park City, Utah is the cozy self-proclaimed 'mom and pop' shop of Flight Boutique.  Upon entering, with it's classic tunes and artful displays you immediately feel as though you've just walked in to your rich best friends closet; there is plenty to peruse without feeling overwhelmed.  You suddenly find yourself humming along (seriously folks) while thumbing through a thoughtfully curated selection of fashion forward womens clothing.

Owned by Blair Isleib and Kristen Doyon, the (literal) fairytale of how Flight Boutique came to be is sickeningly idyllic.  Both native to Park City, Blaire and Kristen navigated grade school side by side as best friends; a bond that continued into college-hood where they bunked together before parting ways to pursue careers in fashion on each coast.

After collectively getting their fill of big city living and missing the comforts of home, they decided to fill a niche they felt had long been missing in their hometown of Park City and got on the path to opening their own clothing shop.  Starting small with trunk shows in various salons and venues they eventually planted roots on Main Street in 2009 and have been sitting pretty in their current location since August 2013.


With the slew of people Main Street generally attracts, their clientele ranges from 20s and flirty to 70s and hip - and they have price points to match.  "Our style has been described to us as a little more East Coast than West Coast, but it's mostly a blend of both our personal styles and pushing the limits on whats available in Utah", says Blaire.  "I think a lot of people assume that we're expensive just because of our location but we have price points to accommodate everyones budget!", notes Kristen. 

What they really want you to know?  They care.  While other corporations tend to remain faceless, most days you'll find these ladies on site at their 'mom and mom' (get it) store manning the register, answering questions and helping your aunt decide if she can pull off that off-the-shoulder dress she's trying on in the dressing room. 

From L to R: Blaire + Kristen

From L to R: Blaire + Kristen


I have the utmost respect for these women and with their hopes of expanding in the future you'd be hard pressed to find two people who pull off 'working mom' so effortlessly.  So go pop in and say hello!  They'd be thrilled to meet you.  Go 'vote' for the hard working women in your community - and if you missed out on all the holiday sales, mention this blog post and you'll receive 15% off your entire purchase.  Boom.