You're worried your home isn't 'Pinterest-y' enough.

You fear your kids won't 'behave'.

You don't think you and your family do anything 'interesting'.

You fear your husband will be grumpy and uncooperative.

You don't think you photograph well.

And on.

And on.

And on.


Can I let you in on a little secret?  That's the beauty of it all.

As your photographer, my greatest ambition is to capture moments that are authentic to you, meaning, things you do naturally together as a family versus contrived posing. 



Timeline of a lifestyle shoot with yours truly


Get in touch

You've liked what you've seen so far and have felt a small but mighty yes resonate somewhere inside of you - now it's time to get in touch!  Complete the contact form below and I'll get back to you 'speedy gonzalez like' with my complete lifestyle pricing guide.   



Where possible, I like to meet my people in the flesh prior to the shoot taking place.  Being able to witness the sparkle in your eye when you talk about your daughter and catch the kiss hiding on your lips as you tell me how you met the love of your life will offer up heaps more about your story than if you were to simply fill out a questionnaire.

Not only will it allow for us to break the ice before I burst in on your lives, but it will also set us up for success because I'll be able to start visualizing how I'm going to translate your 'ness' that I've so intimately observed, into photographs.


Magic hour

The shoot; where good times are indubitable and memories are cemented.  Lifestyle sessions take place wherever the light is golden and the stories of your lives dwell; in other words, on location or in the home.


Premiere and purchase

Two weeks after your shoot date we will reconvene for what is affectionately referred to as the 'purchasing session' and it is here that your photos will be revealed to you for the first time (no sneak peeks).  After we fawn over our favorites we'll determine their eternal life by curating a collection of custom products specific to you.  

Because I believe in quality tangible items as the avenue to tell your story, I only offer the finest wall art and keepsakes in the industry - samples of which I will have available for you to experience because for real? I want you to know exactly what you're getting.



Like Christmas in the summer, your beautiful life, forever preserved as works of art, will be personally delivered by yours truly.  


Photos capture a specific period of your life and tell the story of who you are in that exact moment. It’s the human ability to make time stand still.  Capturing my family and home as it is today and being able to look back with such love is a great feeling. And knowing that my daughter will have tangible memories of times that she doesn’t actually remember is exciting. 





Because I believe in the power of community and want to stay connected with my people, the journey won't end here!  Unless you want it to, in which case - no hard feelings.  But now that I consider you a member of my tribe you'll be privy to a slew of client-only perks and other delights via the fastest pony express in town - good 'ole electronic mail.


If you still find yourself with questions at this point, cruise on over to my faq page, or feel free to contact me.      


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