Together 'til the end.


Being a full service photographer means that I will be involved throughout your entire photo shoot journey. From the pre-meeting to the purchasing session, to the delivery of the finished product and beyond - I vow to put my heart & soul into everything that I do for you.


I am in business to serve, and I choose to serve the best.


The way I see it, it's my job to know the in's and out's of everything there is to know about photography; and with 10 years of experience honing my craft under my belt, I've incurred a wealth of knowledge in everything from color correction to printing materials and beyond.


Because my end goal as your photographer is to provide you with finished high-quality products, I am happy to offer my expertise in the design process when taking the photos off the screen and into your home.  Upon conclusion, it is my greatest ambition to ensure that I leave my clients with no task to complete except to enjoy their family by way of photographic investment.


Simply put, you're in the hands of a professional.



Many of the photographers I've used in the past are not good at the business aspect of their services.  They are wonderful photographers but lack the necessary skills to run a successful business.  Specifically, communication, getting the product back within a reasonable time, and being completely clear and forthcoming on what services are provided.  All three of these aspects are what make Jen such an amazing photographer - she is just as talented in her business and communication skills as she is her photography.







We're all connected


I have this philosophy that life is a river and that we are the conduits through which it flows.  If we are only to take without giving back, that flow becomes disrupted and an imbalance is created.  Needless to say, the importance of being a conscientious citizen of the world is paramount to me.


I bleed green


The first step to being an upstanding citizen?  Mindfulness.  Everything that I choose to incorporate into my business and personal life is filtered through a thorough array of criteria.  'Where is it made?  Is it sustainable?  What's its carbon footprint?' - are a few questions I consistently ask myself.  In this way, I feel that I am doing my individual part (which is the best we can all do) towards the greater good in ensuring the future of our planet.


How I give back


Beyond being mindful and intentional in all aspects of my business and personal life, I currently work with a local women's charity WoW Utah, standing for Women of Worth.  Their purpose lies with 'giving women a hand up, not a hand out', and because I'm a huge advocate of female empowerment and women helping woman (I mean, we ladies gotta stick together am I right?) it only made sense for me to donate my time and abilities to help shine a light on what they are doing for the women in our community.


Why you should know


I share these details with you not for acknowledgement or a pat on the back, but simply to make you aware.  I want you to know that by choosing to invest in a local business like jenFAIRCHILD Photography, you are doing your part in being a mindful citizen by putting money right back into your community.  You are choosing to make Salt Lake City, and the world, a better place to live.



In the words of Wes

 'I want to focus on the core, not the illusion'