...a fiery souled photographer with a need for speed and a knack for storytelling.

Why photography?  For as long as I can remember I've been addicted to the implied as a way of interpreting the literal and photography is my means to its expression.

In short, I believe that love is the greatest force in this world and that having photographs that accurately represent the love we feel for the people in our lives (including ourselves) holds the power to remind us that we lived, loved, and belonged.

It is my greatest joy to bear witness to and bring to life the unique love I see all around me.

Now beyond that, what you really need to know is that I'm quick with a joke, will ask you as many questions as it takes 'til I feel like I know you, and will befriend you before you even know what happened.  So let's.....be friends, shall we?

Feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram, or connect with me on snapchat @jen.fairchild for the undiluted experience.