But first, a moment of real talk


While I whole-heartedly believe in subtle retouching (removing pesky zits and other distracting blemishes; my rule of thumb being if it isn't permanent, it goes), I am not the photographer for you if you're looking for unrealistic air-brushing and extensive retouching.  

I am here to relish in the real story of your body and to show you that you can (and should), too.



A big reason I chose to do this photoshoot was to challenge myself to be happy with the way I am and the way my body is ever changing and aging. My biggest fear was that the finalized photos would confirm my own insecurities. The photos turned out amazing though. Jen captured me in a such a natural way - sunlit lighting, tasseled hair, minimal make-up, and soft touch-ups. All the photographs depicted a confident woman with a sensuality I never thought I had in me.

- Mrs W




You're feelin' it

You go girl.  Don't overthink it and fill out the form below to receive my pricing guide!  

If there's still that nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you you're not pretty enough or that you don't look like so and so, so why should you even do this, a word of advice: 'Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists'.

Loathing your self image won't do a damn thing to transform it, and it most definitely will not lead to a miraculous switch in perception.  Only by choosing to dive head-first in to that insufferable mind pattern will you then have the ability to transcend it.  

So, what's it gonna be?  Continue with hate and succumb to being a slave to your ego the rest of your life?  If you're happy being unhappy, that's your prerogative my friend.  But, if you're ready for a radical shift in mindset, then doing this shoot will be a wonderful and poignant starting point for you. 

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but have some compassion for your current state of mind and know that at the end of the day, you won't regret it.

Trust me.  I'm here for you when you're ready. XO 



Let's grab dinner, or drinks!  I want to better know you and nothing packs more of a punch than some quality time spent mano y mano.  This will allow us to break the ice in a much more casual way than on the big day, and will undoubtedly benefit the entire experience and session.  Fear is merely a reaction to the unknown, so let's get knowin'.



The ceremony

By ceremony, I mean shoot.  This will be a leisurely affair (believe it) where we'll take our time and continually make sure we're remembering to breathe.  And remember, as the director I'll be subtle-y guiding you to ensure we're capturing your best self leaving you free to relax and revel in your nude-ness.



Let me introduce you, to you 

The imminent little email you'll be receiving 2-3 weeks after your shoot will contain a link to your private online gallery.  Its arrival will more than likely make your palms sweat and your mouth dry and because of this, I seriously recommend a bit of meditation before the viewing.  

By allowing yourself to fully acknowledge all of the negative connotations residing within, and subsequently making a conscious effort to let them go - you'll be able to enjoy the viewing, and yourself, through clear eyes.


[how would i describe my experience the first time i saw my boudoir photos?] Cathartic. Looking through each image made all the neurosis of “am I good enough” melt away. It was like therapy in realizing that how others see ME is how I should see myself.

- J.M.


Your private online gallery houses a myriad of curated products for you to fill your walls and (partners) pockets with.  I, of course, am always only an email or phone call away should you have any questions or seek my professional input.




To speak frankly, the people I meet and get to truly know through experiences like this are what make my job the most satisfying, and at the end of the day, I genuinely care about continuing and nurturing that connection.  So whether you like it or not, you haven't heard the last from me (just kidding, if you really don't care to hear from me again I promise to leave you be (cross my heart)).  

Other than keeping in touch by friendly stalking via social media, I plan in initiating you into my tribe where you'll be privy to client-only perks and a whole slew of goodness delivered via the fastest delivery in the west - electronic mail.

If you find you still have questions at this point, cruise on over to my faq page, or feel free to contact me.