Are you tired?



…Tired of your beautiful work remaining on a hard drive, in a drawer, forever stuck in the digital world?

…Tired of feeling like you're not connecting with your clients?

…Tired of hearing crickets after sending off the Gallery link?

…Tired of wondering if they even like their photos at all?

…Tired of having to shoot a million sessions just to make enough money?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, In-Person Sales is for YOU.



This IPS Workshop stems from a genuine place of wanting to share everything I've learned over the past year through workshops, trial-and-error, and DOING IPS regularly (both in the clients home and at my office downtown), with photographers that are interested in transitioning to IPS but don't have any idea where to start.  

I've done the groundwork, scoured the internet high and low for tutorials and any and all information I could find about how people make decisions, to feel confident in my abilities to 'sell' the products I want to sell on a consistent basis. 


"But I don't know how to sell!  

I'm not confident and don't want to be pushy!"



In-Person Sales is not about 'selling'.  It's about guiding.  Presenting your products to your clients, and gently guiding them to purchase what you'd like them to purchase by understanding how people make decisions.

And that little trickster - confidence.  Confidence comes from being able to predict the outcome, so the more you practice, the more predictable the outcome!  All you'll need is a bit of practice and you'll be nailing $1000 sales before you know it.


What you'll learn at this workshop:


- How to run your in-person sales session, step by step, word for word, everything from start to finish!

- How to guide clients to your ideal sale

- How to be 100% yourself and still achieve great portrait sales

- How to make your desired sale amount with almost every single client

- How to sell the digital files in a way that doesn't limit your sales potential

- Why in-person sales aren't about high pressure selling or sleazy sales tricks

- Which software to use during the session and to make selling wall art and designing albums a breeze

- How to prepare your clients to buy so that there are no surprises in the sales room

- How to do in-person sales even if you don't have a dedicated selling space



October 18th

7 pm


IPS Workshop Ticket

Includes the workshop + all slides + a customizable pricing sheet pdf file

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