What is a 'purchasing session' and what does it entail?

A purchasing session is an appointment that takes place two weeks after your photo shoot date.  At the purchasing session, your photos will be revealed to you for the first time.  Because this first time viewing is such an emotional and intimate experience, I do not offer sneak peeks in advance (trust me on this one, you'll want the full 'I waited til Christmas morning to open presents' rush).  The purchasing session is titled so because - you guessed it - this is where you will purchase your prints and products.



I loved the photo viewing and buying session. Being able to play around with images, sizes, and arrangements made it so much easier than if I had just ordered online. I've had so many compliments on my gallery wall, and I wouldn't have been able to create it without Jen's feedback and design sense.

- A.M.



What does 'lifestyle' mean and what is a lifestyle session?

The term lifestyle when used to describe photography pertains to the way that the photos are taken and alludes to what they depict.  Because I'm shooting to capture personality rather than anatomical correct-ness (static smiling faces) there will be a lot of 'doing' with subtle direction from me, and the focus of the session will remain on your connections and enjoying each other to the fullest extent.



I had two main concerns before hiring Jen. 1: That our family pictures would turn out looking like everyone else's. 2: That it would be somewhat awkward to have a stranger trying to capture moments that were unique to our little family. Luckily, both of my concerns were put to ease, both in the amazing quality and uniqueness of our pictures, and also in the way that Jen was able to make us feel right at home (literally). She captured the little moments that don't seem like much in passing, but when you see them in pictures, they're the ones that count.

- Ashleigh




What is considered a family?

Groupings of two individuals or more (immediate families only).  Couples, pregnant couples, couples with pet children, one child, 10 children etc.


Do you process your photos exclusively in black and white?

Nope!  My photo editing process stems from feeling out how each photo 'speaks' on a case by case basis.  If the photo speaks to me loudest in color, then color it is and vice versa.  But I will say that for the majority of my work I tend to gravitate towards b&w - there's a certain poignancy and timelessness to it that deeply resonates with me.  I once read a quote by Walt Whitman that said 'Black and white photography is like reading the book rather than seeing the movie', and it's stuck with me ever since.


What is a 'web file' and why would I want one?

A 'web file' is a digital file that has been sized down to a lower resolution to make it suitable for sharing on social media.  When sized correctly, the benefit of sharing a web file vs a full size digital file lies with quicker loading time without loss of quality in the image.  And I know ya'll don't have time to sit around and hassle with snail like loading times (said with heavy southern accent). :D


What is a 'print file' and why would I want one?

A 'print file' is a digital file that has been sized to a specific resolution for a specific print size.  In your case, 5x7 print files are either included with your collection or available for purchase, and they are as they seem - a digital file sized to print at 5x7.  Printing any larger than a 5x7 will result in fuzzy, unclear prints and is not recommended.


Why don't you offer full resolution files?

First, it is very common for discrepancies to become noticeable in enlarged photos that are not otherwise visible at a smaller size.  Because of this, I give the photo chosen to be enlarged a little extra TLC by looking out for anything that is distracting, and performing minor retouching.  I would hate for my client to invest in a large piece of wall art only to pick it up and find out that they have a 'mole' on their tooth.  

Second, because quality work is a huge cornerstone of my business, I am able to preserve my artistic integrity by ensuring that every piece of wall art that I put out into the world is a direct representation of those values.  By not offering full resolution files to my clients, not only am I able to practice quality control, I am also able to keep my business ethics intact.

In my experience, my clients are happy with having 5x7 print files to do with what they please, and are glad to leave the masterpieces up to me.  Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me directly!