Let's break the stigma.


'They're too cheesy and tacky', 'I could never do that - I don't know how to be sexy!', and 'isn't it so uncomfortable??', are remarks that befall my ears whenever it's discovered that I shoot boudoir photography.


Am I surprised?  Not really.  Stifling rigid stereotypes ain't no walk in the park (especially around this type of photography) but for me that's part of the fun.  Helping one to experience just how utterly sensuous and magnificent they are lights a satiating fire in my soul.


I can hear all of the 'but I'm not...'s now, so let me slay you with a sword of truth and put that constricted throat at ease.


An observer by nature, I feel I have a special knack for seeing the best in my female clients both in personality, and in form.  And look, I get it, you're in your birthday suit with a semi-stranger!  But we both know that underneath it all, you and I are the same, and a body is a body is a body. I remain un-phased.


To put it simply, trust me.


I want you to look your best.



I was terrified that I just set myself up to be emotionally traumatized by how awful I look in a photo!  [BUT there ENDED UP BEING] a whole bunch of great pictures that I was proud to say were of me.  My favorite part of working with Jen, was how easy she made it for me to relax. I'm not a walk around nude kinda person, but she made me feel at ease. I also really appreciated the direction while taking these pics. I have no idea what to do with my face, or body, how to find the light, etc.. But Jen made it easy.