Ya’ll, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that the Sundance Film Festival is a testament to the emotional, physical, and mental strength of humankind. I’m only semi-joking. This year’s whirlwind expanded and contracted in jest, taking me to peaks and valleys at a moments notice all the while offering up challenges and inspiration to fill me up to capacity.

As with all endings, transitional periods come with a sharp edge for me, albeit one that has been mercifully dulled over time (I’d like to formally thank my meditation practice here), and in refocusing my energy towards everyday life and the year ahead, I’m finding that a delicate balance of planning and un-planning is needed in order to let life surprise me in all of the best ways.

Speaking of transitioning, with the impending birth of their (first) little one, these two were about to go from a camp of two (plus Salma the coonhound) to a brood of three.

Escaping to upstate NY has been a tradition for them and they loved the idea of combining a getaway with an intimate photo session to commemorate this monumentally special period of life, and I don’t think they could’ve found a more charming nook to stay in. Xxo


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