As you may have noticed, I'm partial to black and white processing.  I think the pull comes from the complete raw-ness: no muss, no fuss, no distractions.  Just the light and the shadow, equally at play, allowing the emotion to take front and center.  And because emotion is why I do what I do, I find that the two go nicely hand in hand.

I have also noticed though, that as soon as I try to 'define' myself in some way, I immediately feel the need to break that definition, and this theme has been/is extremely prevalent in my life in more ways than one.  For example, I am a Cancer sun and a Sagittarius moon, meaning I am both extrovert and introvert - I crave the comforts of home yet crave being around others.  I experience moments where I yearn to be told what to do yet can't stand it when my choice is taken away.

Needless to say, finding balance seems to be the overall arcing lesson I'm set to learn in this life, and I'm happy to say that some of my seemingly extreme behaviors have mercifully begun to fall by the wayside.  

With that being said, when the opportunity comes along, I enjoy the challenge of 'conquering' something new, of breaking out of my self-imposed definition, of growing and evolving.  Though processing photos in color is not something I've completely foresworn, it's not often that I do almost an entire session that way.  Until now!

Jenn is such a kind soul, and her and her brood braved the bug swarms and sweat with me out at Antelope Island this past fall.  I believe I survived with only 6 bug bites, but so enjoyed stomping around this weird alien island in Salt Lakes' midst with them.  Xo


Here's what Jenn had to say about her experience with me: 


I think my biggest fear with hiring you or really any photographer was, is the timing right?  Is this the best time of year, will they turn out, and also pricing was a factor. In the end it was all well worth the money, time, etc.......

My favorite part of working with you was simply your vision, I knew I wanted to hire you based on your photography style however, if you would have told me those pics were going to turn out how they did,  I would never have never thought they would, the island was beautiful but it was hot, dirty, and had lots of bugs but you would never know it from the pictures.

I think the price I paid was worth it in gold, those photo's are so beautifully and artistically done that although it was more then I planned on spending I will always be so happy I did, the packaging had me swooning, I absolutely think the complete package was breathtaking and I could not have hoped for anything more.



If I've learned anything, it's that life is always now, contact me here, and let's chat about your session!