Hey blog fam! Oof, 2019. Hi. So, last I checked, blogging is still a thing, and even if it wasn’t, over the past 8 non-blogging months of my life, I’ve come to miss it.

It became clear to me that it’s another avenue for me to exercise my storytelling muscles and since that is a practice I feel is worth putting energy into, I’m back at it with a swell of fresh mojo.

When looking back through my galleries deciding where to pick back up (almost 200 by the way whaaaat) I felt a twinge of shame at how few I’ve shared. These stories deserve a home outside of my hard drive and I’m pumped to start chipping away at the block.

First up, Laura, Strader, and their Adonis baby boy, Coyote Hawk. I passed this long haired fam on the streets of Abbot Kinney in September 2017 during the annual arts fair, and it only took about 5 full seconds after passing them for me to stop, turn, and backtrack to ask if they’d be interested in a family photo shoot while I was in town (getting better at this, ha).

The stars aligned and they invited me into their home in Venice Beach, which, funnily enough, they’ve since moved out of, making this post all the more relevant.

Don’t forget to check out Laura’s jewelry company Turquoise and Tobacco and be sure to click the heart at the bottom if you enjoyed the post. Xxo


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