I'm turning 31 next month and as an adage to one of the most transformative years of my life, I've scheduled a boudoir photo session, for myself.  

Numerous women come to me for nude photos of themselves to give to their partners and I'm always so humbled and honored to be chosen for the task, but being on the other side and facing a photoshoot of my own has my nerves tingling.

I think what I'm most excited for is to experience myself through someone else's eyes.  Whenever shooting my ladies, I observe observe observe, and then shoot.  I aim to spot the unique and subtle mannerisms that I find charming, a turn of the head, the resting of a hand, and memorialize that feeling into a photo.

To me, women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and helping them see themselves that way is the most satisfying part of what I do.


What K.R. had to say about her boudoir experience with me:

"The photos are really amazing and even better than I imagined. It was actually kind of an interesting experience to look through them. My first reaction was to be critical, but as I kept going I couldn't help but appreciate the photos and find myself beautiful. Jen has managed to capture me in just the light I hope to see myself in. I cannot wait to give these to [my husband] on our wedding day. I hope very much for Jen to take pictures of us again in the future, maybe when we have our first child :).

You can't put a price on something that will be meaningful for years to come.  Jen is a professional and well worth the price.  I would absolutely encourage anybody to do this, just for themselves. Jen will be able to see in you things we forget sometimes."

When was the last time you invested in yourself?  

Boudoir photos are one of the best ways to learn to accept and love yourself just as you are, click here to setup your session with me!