Empowering women, empowering women, empowering women - body, soul and spirit. This is the battle cry of our time and I say it in solidarity with my sisters.

I once heard (or read) a quote that said 'Love your body, it's the only place you have to live' and it was like a 20 pound Tetris block of truth fell into place in my gut (like hearing truth sometimes does).

I also shoot nude photographs and wanted to share this image (along with S's feedback) with you in hopes that you could relate to how beautifully she was able to articulate the body image challenges that so many of us internally face.

I believe that herein lies one of the greatest powers of a photograph - the gift of perspective, and the ability to appreciate something outside of the emotions in our hearts and heads.  Xxo


What S. had to say about her nude photo session with me:

'My biggest fear was having another person see me nude, and not being pretty or sexy enough. I have a couple of self harm scars, and I was worried about what Jen would think and how they would be portrayed in the photos. At the start of the photos it was really scary, but Jen was persistent in telling me to be myself and she really helped me to see myself in a more healthy light. The photos showed me, and my scars as part of me, but not all of me.

[The photos were totally worth the investment]. Jen took her time with me, I never felt like we were on the clock. The photos she took were really photos. Not my makeup-ed, dolled up self, just me. I really appreciated the natural approach to beauty and photography. Jen obviously loves her work and sees beauty in every subject, the thing that distinguishes her is she is able to help her subjects see the beauty in themselves both in her time with them, and in the photos she produces.

I'm still a little shy about the photos, but I'm also a little proud. My naked self has always been a big stumbling block for me. I didn't like it, I hated the scars and how weak they made me feel. I hated how I looked soft. I wanted to be strong. Jen showed me the beauty in being soft, and how being confident in who I am takes strength. Not the strength that produces a six pack, but one that will strengthen my mind and help me be a better person.

Jen is an artist, letting her portray her art in a pleasing manner [in an album] was way better than just receiving the digital files. It's like a good cook is part taste and part presentation, you don't get the whole experience unless you let the artist do it all.'