'We've never had family photos done', she said.  And a small part of me died.

These two high-school sweethearts had recently purchased a new home (with the help of Jewel Maxfield at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE) and as a gift from Jewel had received an in-home session with me.

Never had family photos done.....I couldn't shake it.  It made this session feel monumental to me, like I was the first person to ever see inside the Queens quarters at Buckingham Palace.

Though the dining room was in shambles and the kitchen was next on the list to be gutted, I asked (forced) them to do photos in there for posterity's sake, already envisioning Thanksgiving 2040 and 'oh my god remember that awful wallpaper??' being laughed about together.

Is acute nostalgia a thing?  If so, I apparently suffer from it in a very real way.

Beyond happy to have provided this family with their first album full of images and framed prints for their wall.  Peek the finished product below. Xo


What they had to say:

"My biggest fear was that [my husband] wouldn’t be comfortable and would not like the session. Or that the kids would cry and/or not want to participate. But Jen made us all so comfortable. None of my fears came true. Pete even said he had fun during the session! It’s incredible to go from worrying no one will open up to the level of comfort and ease Jen provided.

The images and services were certainly pricier than I expected. But they were worth every penny and then some. Every time I look at our prints and our image book, I’m struck by how well they captured that moment of time in our lives. I will forever be grateful for having these images. They are truly a family heirloom that will be treasured.

Pete said he was a bit shocked when he saw the price tag (even though I had warned him that prints would be expensive). He joked that he could be well on his way to an upgraded bike (his passion) in lieu of the photos. But as time has passed, he has become a huge advocate. He said the photos are the best money we’ve spent in a long time and constantly looks at our pictures and comments on how much he likes them.

I was having a bad hair day that day, and wasn’t feeling particularly beautiful. While there are a few photos were I cringe at minor things about the way I look, generally I really liked the way I looked. I especially liked the way I was captured looking at my children and my husband. It has given me a new appreciation for the way they see me. And, seeing all of us together in photos, made me incredibly proud of the fun-loving family we have built.

Pete was a bit self-conscious about some of this “wrinkles” at first, but now he has moved beyond that and just sees the love and happiness that occurred on that day, and that occurs on so many other days in our lives.

I wish we would have gotten family photos a LONG time ago. But, the quality of what we got this time helps make up for that. These images truly are treasures. They will be cherished for as long as I live and I hope my children will also cherish them."


The days are long but the years are short, when was the last time you had family photos taken?