As I sit here in the Jen Den, peeking at my little slice of sky, reflecting on this series of photos and what I’d like to say about it, I can’t help but feel deeply grateful for the fact that today I got to wear a short sleeve shirt and sandals (wink, wink), as it is finally, mercifully, no longer raining in my part of the state (guttural woop!).

I was in New York for the greater part of May and can count on one hand the number of days I saw sunshine, which, ironically, perfectly mirrored my temperament - seasonal affective? Perhaps. But by god, I welcome this sunshine something fierce.

Hanging out with this rambunctious family of five last fall was invigorating, entertaining, and chaotic - my preferred state of creation where cognitive thought and premeditation go right out the window.

The deepest compliment I can ever receive from a client is ‘It’s just US’.

With that being said, this is them. Xo

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